Madam Who? is a PITTSVILLE, MD-based artist from the United States. She has been on the scene as an individual composer. Leveraging her skills, she has crafted music that perfectly matches her and has launched her album “Reclaim Your Power.” The album, which has a total run duration of 26 minutes and 37 seconds, was published on March 17th of this year.

The strong 7-song album “Reclaim Your Power,” with the overarching subject of learning to accept yourself, is the latest in a long line of infectious pop tunes influenced by The Beatles, The B-52s, Bjork, The Go-Go’sGo’s, Lady Gaga, The Killers, and many more. Songs from Madam Who? may become stuck in your mind, but they simply want to empower you.

Most of these songs including the title track, Reclaim Your Power, You Are Not Alone, and I Am Enough was written in a deep dark place. They offer hope and inspiration to others going through hard times.

The title tune, “Reclaim Your Power,” kicks off the album. It’s music with a lot of deep synthesizers. Madam Who? has a contrasting voice that helps to balance things out. “Reclaim Your Power” appears to be the ideal album opener, setting the tone for a delightful album listening voyage.

“You Are Not Alone,” the album’s second track, has this contemporary dreamy melody with a light kick percussion. The vocals are excellent, and the artist tells some fantastic musical stories. This is an instrumental tune dominated by these ambiguous tones that seem to embrace it all. The electric guitar leads and vocal effects drive the tune with some unique melody lines and harmonize as they go.

“Goddess In Our Midst” follows, and it opens with enthusiastic voices and some obscuring elements. We also have a powerful slap bass line and thunderous guitars on the song while her vocals are on spot and have an unusual tone. While everything sounds amazing, the lyrics are also a testament to the artist’s compositional abilities.

The fourth song, “Strange and Beautiful,” opens with an overwhelming acoustic wave that smothers the music from the introduction where the acoustic guitar seemingly narrates the musical freshet that is to emerge. The guitar work is stunning until the climactic outro, which has screaming electric guitars and head-popping drumming. The composition is wonderful, and the tune is highly gripping.

The album’s speed shifts with “I Am Enough.” A piece of groovy music with  amazing composition and synth bass thumping along with it, whiles its lyrics are an endorsement of one’s ability and self-esteem.

“Good Without You” is a perfect complement to this album overflowing with pop deliciousness. It blends pop themes with unique rhythms and, of course, Madam Who?’s incredible voice. It is heavenly music that will take you on a lovely journey complete with body motions.

“Sincerest Thank You,” the greatest song on the album, is an eloquent pleasure that is nevertheless melancholy. Its beauty resides in its poignant lyrics, which appear to have been composed by someone who is truly moved. The usage of ideal instruments to produce that sensation of joy and lovely grimness seems like a genuine delight, and the laid-back yet insightful lyrics make it a terrific entertaining song.

Listen to the “Reclaim Your Power” album by Madam Who? and Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

1. Reclaim Your Power
2. You’re Not Alone
3. Goddess In Our Midst
4. Strange & Beautiful
5. I Am Enough
6. Good Without You
7. Sincerest Thank You