“Pearls” is the current and first single by Roxercat, a Nashville rock band formed by singer/guitarist Price Jones, Nashville guitar veteran Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis, all of whom are signed to 9 Dog Records. “Pearls,” which was released on October 14th, is the title tune from the band’s upcoming six-track EP written by Price Jone.

A gorgeous electric guitar tune and an acoustic guitar riff introduce “Pearls,” which is soon joined by Price Jones’ distinctive vocals. The antique vibe of the melodic tone makes the music polished and enthusiastic making the trio’s debut track a stunning and captivating example of classic rock music. The opening beat and direct flow hook listeners and keep them engaged throughout the whole song. The vocals of Price Jones are delicately blended, gentle, and dynamic. On the other hand, the guitar and the drumming add to the song’s captivating quality.

“Pearls,” written in the band’s particular manner, is a ballad about the desire for happiness, believing in one another, and realizing goals. It also boasts the excellent musicianship and inventive narrative one would expect from such an accomplished group. Additionally, it expresses Price Jones’ feelings regarding all of her relationships, both previous and existing. And a general perspective that you should constantly cling to your goals and cherish the positive aspects of your path.

The band has crafted a wonderful tune with this song that will have its fans wanting more of their music, especially in the music video where the trio is seen holding their guitars while Price Jones sings magnificently. The music video enhances the song’s audio quality which is engaging with every aspect being healthy. “Pearls” is completely on point, and the performance was fantastic. The arrangement of sections makes it easier for listeners to feel at ease with it, making it more commercially appealing.

Listen to “Pearls” by the Roxercat band on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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