Mary KilS, a French singer known for her distinct sounds and who has been performing for quite some time, is back with another remarkable exhibition of her ability. Following the release of her single “Long Silence,” the French singer returns with her intriguing EP named “One.” The 5-track EP clocks in at 21 minutes and 16 seconds and features Mary’s impassioned vocals matched to driving gorgeous sounds. “One” was published on August 29th and has several appealing tracks. Mary’s all-French EP is stunning, dynamic, and extraordinarily soulful.

The “One” EP kicks off with the lead tune “Porte Sept.” This is light and humorous music. The music has some fantastic guitar riffs and the sweet vocals of Mary KilS kick in with a nicely composed melody that follows the chord pattern, with light percussions and an intriguing beginning. This song immediately enters the chorus portion, which contains some beautiful lyrics and a lot of emotions as it deals with countless torments that constantly burn us a bit too much.

The following track on the EP is “Long Silence,” a song with a deep pragmatic standpoint and a relatable message that makes it engaging. “Long Silence,” as previously said, is a song with a title that conjures vastness, where intimacy dances with the absence of a loved one, with languid guitars that stretch out like an infinite embrace. It’s music that appears to put you in a trance that you don’t mind falling into. Mary KilS has a powerful voice that effortlessly cuts through the arrangement, and the composition has a comforting but intriguing impact on the listener.

“L’or Noir,” the third tune on the EP, is another wonderful composition. This is a song of conviction concerning the environment and humanity. The significance of recognizing, caring for, and collaborating with useful and valuable efforts. Mary’s harmonious vocals, funky drum rhythm, and melody make the song more delightful in this ep, and her voice, like an angel, reaches and acquaints you in the song.

“Fleur de Peau” is the fourth single and is a soulful duet. The instrumentation on this entire record has been flawless. It starts sweetly with piano melodies that play off of each other with ease and comfort and then brings us to the core of the authenticity of emotions with a sense-tingling descent into a realm of feeling and sparks of profound moments.

Finally, “Le Paradis Blanc” intriguingly concludes Ep. It’s a song that continues in full grandeur as Mary pays respect to Michel Berger and performs an incredible rock rendition of it. The arrangement catches up with some wonderfully detailed percussion and throbbing melodies and guitar riffs that are going to capture us as the song progresses. With all of this, the vocals and general vibe of the song are euphoric.

Overall, “One” is an incredible EP that presents a variety of songs and the stories behind them. Throughout the ep, Mary KilS maintains her vibrant demeanor and remains utterly devoted to herself. The ep has been a joy for both my ears and my intellect. Mary KilS has accomplished really special alchemy, and her songwriting skill clearly impacts us. The songs are solid and catchy, and Mary has an appealing vocal tone that brings the lyrics to life.

Listen to the “One” Ep by Mary KilS on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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