In the world of music, some artists entertain while others elevate the soul. Matt DeAngelis, the outstanding singer/songwriter from Southern New Jersey, certainly falls into the latter group. With each release, he creates songs that go beyond ordinary amusement, taking us on a journey of mindfulness and inspiration. As a regular contributor to Songweb, we take a look at Matt’s latest song today. Titled “Free at Last” and put out on February 2nd, this stirring ballad captures the spirit of achieving freedom among life’s challenges in a harmonizing tune of hope.

From the first notes of the acoustic guitar, you can feel the melodies pouring over you like a calm wave until Matt’s rich voice and soothing tone attract us in and we become lost in his distinct singing. There’s something sorrowful yet calming about the way he sings, “I’ve been painting something just for you, It’s like a memoir of the two of us.” With these opening lyrics, Matt DeAngelis sets the tone for a highly personal journey, and his voice is the ideal vessel for the song’s message of faith and resilience. He delivers an outstanding performance, as one could expect. His ability to express real emotions through his singing, along with the acoustic simplicity of the instruments, results in an intimate setting. Matt DeAngelis’ attractiveness is undeniable!

However, the vocals and performance are not the only positive aspects of the piece. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of language or composition, the lyrics will grab your interest. They convey an incredible feeling in a lovely and soulful way. Matt DeAngelis’ lyrics have a powerful impact; they are significant, motivational, and positive. “Life is beautiful, but not without you,” he declares, capturing the heart of the song. The lyrics tell a story of hope, urging us to maintain a good attitude and seek freedom within our hearts. “We’ll be free at last; there will be doubt, but know that what we create is beautiful,” he assures, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and a positive attitude.

On the other hand, what identifies the song is its superb production, which guarantees that every aspect and theme in the music is well represented. “Free at Last” is largely an acoustic masterpiece, with DeAngelis’ guitar acting as the foundation of the song. The acoustic arrangement’s simplicity allows the words to stand out, highlighting the message’s purity. However, the song goes beyond its simplicity by introducing other sounds (the violin) that offer levels of depth and passion. This delicate balance of acoustic beauty and nuanced instrumentation enriches the listening experience.

The music video for “Free at Last” further enhances the song’s evocative narrative, seamlessly blending scenes of DeAngelis immersed in his craft as a painter with poignant flashbacks of moments shared with a loved one by the seashore. Through this visual storytelling, he invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of human connection and the transformative power of love and faith.

In brief, Matt DeAngelis’s “Free at Last” is a musical masterpiece that inspires us to consider the beauty of life, the relevance of shared experiences, and the liberating force of faith. This is the sort of tune that draws you in and makes you feel every word they sing. With his melodic voice, poignant words, and flawless execution, Matt DeAngelis once again displays how music can be a transformational force, leading us to a brighter, more peaceful existence. So, let us hear the call of this remarkable artist and join him in his search for inner peace and freedom. For he said, “We’ll be free at last, free at last.”

Listen to “Free at Last” by Matt DeAngelis on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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