Matt DeAngelis returns to our ears following past appearances and continues to bring positivity through his music. His most recent work, “All Good Things,” which came out on October 27, 2023, not only shows his musical prowess but also acts as a lyrical tapestry, weaving through the bittersweet nostalgia of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the uncertain beauty of the future. This reflects his rise as an artist and storyteller. With a sound that is often compared to Elton John, Billy Joel, and David Bowie, DeAngelis continues to build a position for himself in the field of classic rock-infused contemporary music. Let’s hear him out; he has “all good things” to offer.

“All Good Things” starts with a powerful pace and beautiful guitar tones. Yes! That’s only a taste of the good the song has to offer. The opening lines, “Seems like this highway goes on forever, Navigatin’ through the lanes of war and weather,” set the tone for a mindful journey. DeAngelis, like a seasoned traveler, urges us to sit in the backseat of his memories with him, experiencing the beauty of life’s twists and turns. His vocals, soft and melodious, bear the weight of introspection with ease. His delivery is refined, communicating the emotional depth of the words effortlessly. The song’s simplicity allows his voice to take center stage, a wise choice that heightens the impact of his storytelling. It’s a laid-back ballad, a gentle reminder that deep feelings don’t have to be expressed grandiosely.

DeAngelis digs into the bittersweet feelings of saying goodbye to the carefree days of youth. “I remember those days, it was far too young to see, we could ride for the longest time,” invokes nostalgia, celebrating the innocence of youth and the fun of peaceful journeys. The theme of transitioning from the past to the present is softly woven throughout the story, creating a relatable tapestry for us. Also, the poignant words “All Good Things Must Come to an End, my friend, / You’re Gonna Have Tomorrow” speak to a universal truth that urges us to embrace the future while valuing the memories of the past.

The accompanying music video fits the song’s concept nicely. The video begins with shots of Matt in the back seat of a car, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and soon stirs up a sense of journey and reflection. The images follow the lyrical journey, creating a nostalgic backdrop to the tale, and are sprinkled with flashes of DeAngelis playing the piano in his younger years.

DeAngelis perfectly arranges a musical canvas that represents the changing tides of life, assisted by a great ensemble that includes Billy Kennedy on guitars, Eric Bishop on bass, and Dan Pettolina on drums. The smooth piano strokes on the Korg Kronos by DeAngelis blend effortlessly with the soul guitar riffs and rhythmic beats. The production, reflective of DeAngelis’ dedication to detail, promises that every note is a brushstroke, adding to the overall sonic beauty.

In conclusion, “All Good Things” displays Matt DeAngelis’ ability to write songs that are deeply rooted in the human experience. The song’s power lies in its simplicity, bringing peace to people facing a constant journey of change. With “All Good Things,” Matt DeAngelis once again shows that, often, the deepest beauty resides in the elegant simplicity of life’s melodies while keeping a unique identity through its emotional lyrics and engaging arrangement.

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