Jessy’s song ‘Pilgrimage’ echoes her ethos and calls to people.

Because her mother was a piano instructor, Jessy began playing music at an early age. She was a member of her church’s youth band as a child. She then felt compelled to pursue a career in music and is currently completing her songwriting degree at BIMM Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Jessy is a single singer that uses a powerful voice as her main instrument and has released a new tune titled ‘Pilgrimage’.

‘Pilgrimage’, which opens with an angelic vocal melody over exquisite piano chords, is as flawless as it gets. The stunning new release from Tamworth-based musician Jessy is filled with a wide range of emotions.
With ‘Pilgrimage,’ Jessy stands out as a modern Christian who enjoys soulful music. This song was inspired by

‘Pilgrims Progress,’ a book she read as a child recounts the narrative of a beautiful portrayal of a Christian’s journey through faith and to salvation discovered in Jesus.

Jessy’s latest song, pilgrimage, is about love, passion, experience, and spirituality. With disconnected soundscapes and strings, she intended to draw on the human struggle and situation inside the song’s lines.

While the track’s message is simpler, you may dive into its complexity by listening to it at your rate and fall in love with it because of its depth and essential nature as it is coated with relaxing and melodious feels.

‘Pilgrimage’ was produced and mixed by her incredible producer buddies from high school, although it was recorded at Jessy’s home studio. And also, her excellent drummer brother, as well as others, contributed to the rhythms and drumming. The song got released on April 29th this year.

Jessy has gained herself a new fan over here and that’s for sure. Stream ‘Pilgrimage’ on Jessy’s Spotify and share your thoughts with us.