Presley, who is from Dallas, Texas, is also an actress with a history in musical theater and Broadway musicals. Presley is influenced by classic rock and folk music, drawing inspiration from musicians such as Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, and Elton John, as well as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles.

“Presley is an excellent songwriter with a perspective that is way beyond her years. Her melodies are spellbinding and she is able to navigate them effortlessly with a voice that is timeless. She is able to convey emotional complexity with wit and humor and she is able to dive deep into the human experience”, says Chris Garcia, Presley’s producer.

Starting with acoustic guitars and galloping drumming as the music progresses, Presley’s recent release “My Someone” is her fifth single as a singer/songwriter, and she did not disappoint her audience, especially myself, with her genuine vocals and deep and engrossing music. Presley knows her way around the music with this tune, and it is one of her greatest performances. The music complements the gentleness lyrics nicely and contains some strong components that elevate it to a whole new extreme. Presley’s lovely voice makes the song creative and captivating with the melody.

Lyrically, Presley’s “My Someone” offers a beautiful sense of grace and serenity. The song tells the story of a lady pleading with her husband not to leave and go to war, as well as the anguish that accompanies it. The song explores themes of love, hope, desire, and grief, and the artist’s subtle melody and quiet voice serve as the ideal accompaniment to such a moving and emotional story. Presley’s performance style is outstanding, and the song is a must-add to my playlist since it is lodged in the back of my head and bursts up now and then how she has placed such complicated sentiments into music.

Listen to “My Someone” by Presley Duyck on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!