Maya Salafia is a vocally amazing singer-songwriter in the indie-pop music genre from Boston, Massachusetts. Maya is also a lead singer in the session musician band Synco, which performs at gigs, festivals, and events around New England. Maya’s passion for songwriting is evident in her performances and honest words. Her songs have a lasting impression on listeners and draw them further into the story, as seen by her latest work, “Everlasting,” which was published on June 10th of this year.

“Everlasting,” which employs simple accompaniment while maintaining a high level of intensity, begins with exquisite acoustic guitar work and Maya delivers soothing and beautiful singing. The well-written pieces come together to produce extremely danceable acoustic music. Maya’s emotive vocal delivery creates an atmosphere of dreamy gloom.

“Everlasting” is a song about longing for the reunification of a previous love story, told by an extraordinarily emotional plot and exquisite poetry. The music and words pierce your soul and personal and eternal love relationships with depth and insight. Maya’s voices are full of sincerity, making them the ideal vehicle for her seasoned lyrics.

Maya begins to show that she is willing to push the song melodically and add more of a rock influence as the song progresses, with a combination of acoustic and electric guitars and sunny synths accompanying her smooth, soaring vocals as we open up the vibrant deck to feel a range of feelings.

Overall, this track is a brilliant example from Maya Salafia, demonstrating her amazing talent and knowledge. Every aspect of the music can persuade new listeners to go deeper into this lovely melody, making it a tremendous triumph by Maya, and I can’t wait to see more of her work.

Listen to “Everlasting” by Maya Salafia on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Do you watch the moon on the car ride home?
I’m watching it too, but you don’t know
Sometimes I’ll whisper to the sky
I’ll send a note and I’ll pray
That we’ll intertwine someday
You’d read me the chapters of your story.
I promise I’ll sit quietly and look into your eyes
Oh that’s it
Oh that’s it