As a frequently featured artist on this blog, Windhoek-based artist, Proklaim needs no introduction, but rather his presence calls for celebration. It’s like seeing an old friend again, but there’s also elation for the journey he’s going to take you on. In his recent song, “Thieves,” Proklaim takes us on a musical journey that offers a moving reflection on the specifics of life and society, departing from the familiar route he’s carved out in his previous songs. Released on November 4, “Thieves” is unlike anything else in his discography, based on the brilliantly constructed lyrics.

“Thieves” is the kind of track that will immediately steal your attention from the moment it starts playing. An easy connection song I must say! Proklaim uses that to his advantage, the song’s intro, I mean, announcing his entrance in grand style. And I must say, he’s creating a niche for himself in his community for a style that might not have been explored. Not getting what I meant, well, I mean his vocals are natural and with a raw edge that exudes confidence and a laid-back charm. It’s a lot like making music in your comfort zone and producing a track that showcases your creativity. Plus, he delivers with interest, clarity, and flow. And every word he spits is carefully drawn to the issue he addresses.

At the center of “Thieves” is not our run-of-the-mill hip-hop track but a politically charged manifesto. Proklaim doesn’t hold back while dealing with the urgent problems in our society, deploying his verses to shed light on the symbolic “thieves” that rob people of their aspirations, happiness, and peace. The lyrics are penetrating and purposefully honest, serving as a mirror and reflecting the cold realities of our society. Proklaim does it with skill and grace, a trademark of his craft.

The production of “Thieves” is proof of Proklaim’s attention to quality. The beats are well arranged, and they offer an alive background that enhances the fervor of the lyrics. The smooth fusion of inventive sounds and the lovely hip-hop components add extra richness, resulting in a highly riveting sonic experience. The tempo, on the other hand, is favorable and allows Proklaim’s verses to breathe and connect. Without a doubt, “Thieves” is a catchy song, and the simplicity of the lyrics sharpens its infectious charm.

Overall, “Thieves” is a bold and fruitful shift from Proklaim’s earlier works. It represents his knack for developing and trying out new musical subjects without losing his originality. With an attractive combination of effective lyrics, amazing vocals, and excellent production, Proklaim cements his spot as an inspiration in the hip-hop industry once more. “Thieves” is a manifesto for change, and Proklaim is the messenger we’ve been waiting for!

Listen to “Thieves” by Proklaim on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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