TDE rapper REASON is back with a vengeance on his bouncy and charismatic new single, “You Betta (Jesus Take The Wheel).” Of course, this is far from the first notable release from the California MC this year, with Jay Rock hopping on the remix of his track “At It Again.” This time around, his newest musical offering takes things back to a more light-hearted and joyful tone with an optimistic hook and exciting background group vocals. Sure, it still talks about all the expected themes in a contemporary rap song, especially one that’s meant to hype listeners up for the summer season. Still, it’s the rapper’s lyrical cleverness, infectious delivery, and laidback flows that give the track its power.

Lyrically, the hook mentions a few things that REASON leaves up to faith, and therefore isn’t worried about: catching charges, having a Glock on his lap, and romantic pursuits. Even though the subject matter may seem darker, his melodic inflections and breezy cadence firmly root “You Betta” as a summertime banger. In addition, the verses themselves are decidedly more sensual, centered mostly around his lust for other women. However, there are still some throwaway lines about gossip, switching narratives, and his come-up in Los Angeles. As such, you don’t really know where the track goes next, but you fully lock into the sunny instrumental.

Through a bass-heavy beat and a fast tempo, the beat makes sure that you don’t lose the song’s playful energy. Overall, it’s an entertaining and occasionally anthemic cut that hopefully hints at this artist dropping something long-term soon. If you haven’t heard it, you can find it on your preferred streaming service and catch some standout bars below. As always, check back in with HNHH for the latest on REASON, and for more great hip-hop releases each week.

Notable Lyrics
I just need a little energy, we try to take this s**t across the water
Eat your p***y on the balcony, my appetite goes harder
I’m a dog, h*e, I beat the brakes off it
Know you stressed, all that pressure, let me take the weight off you