Friends Around Me But I’m All Alone, Cylde Syde Says In New Single, ‘I’m Okay.

Clyde Syde, a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom Leceister, provides a distinct and varied sound to his fans. The Leicestershire-based musician performs, produces, and writes everything independently and now he is back with his latest track, ‘I’m Okay,’ as part of his skilled music delivery. On March 15, 2022, he released this emotional rap song.

The whole feeling of the tune is captured through the ethereal voices, gloomy guitar tones, and gritty snare beats.

‘I’m Okay’ includes bouncy vocal-driven choruses with an avalanche of reverbed guitars in the background, akin to acts such as Juice Wrld, Post Malone, Lil Peep, and Nirvana.

Clyde Syde’s latest tune, ‘I’m Okay,’ was inspired by the lockdowns during the Covid-19 crisis when he was contemplating how individuals would feel spending so much time alone and the ramifications it would have on them. As a result of this inspiration, Clyde themed ‘I’m Okay’ around loneliness and anxiety, and how difficult it can be for individuals to speak up about it. Not alone, Clyde lost most of the people in his life due to despair, thus this song is also personal to him. Clyde Syde wrote this song from real feelings.

It’s dark, and as the artwork depicts, Clyde Syde is seen sipping a bottle of booze in an attempt to become drunk and release himself from what’s battling him within since deep down he knows he’s not alright but attempts to convince others differently. And the forceful vocal delivery in the song conveys the intense heat of Clyde Syde not feeling okay and free. This music will help you get in and out of your thoughts.

‘I’m Okay’ by Clyde Syde is a tune that will help you understand that your emotions are alright and that it’s okay to take a tiny deep dive into your feelings.

‘I’m Okay’ is a song that seeks out inspiration as well as brightness in the gloom and catches something new at the same time.

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