Andrew Akins, an Amarillo, TX-based musician, has released his latest track “I-25,” which he describes as a “traveling tune with a nice steady pace that hearkens back to old Americana and country-folk sounds.” Akins published this song on September 27th of this year as part of his upcoming full-length album, “Parables,” which will be released in January 2023 and added to his portfolio.

When it comes to “1-25”, it starts with an acoustic guitar rhythm and piano keys that captivates and attracts the listener from the first notes with a lovely passionate melody that illuminates your emotions. “1-25” is performed in a bright tone, and Akins’ pleasant and enjoyable voice creates a beautiful environment and fiesta around you while you listen. The song’s acoustic sound seems refreshing and has everything to delight you with his electrifying and impassioned singing.

“I-25” gets even better with its topic thanks to its superb and innovative lyrics, which should not be ignored. According to Andrew Akins, “the song simultaneously addresses the joy of a romantic moment driving down I-25 with the girl you fell in love with and the sense of dread knowing there is likely an expiration date on this relationship.” Akins’ vocal style on this song is beautiful to the ears, and I enjoyed how it grew on me along with the good beats, rhythms, and melodies that are luring in many ways.

The true beauty of “1-25” shines through with the message that Akins so brilliantly portrays inside it. In this song, he does what all music should. His voice texture flawlessly communicates the song’s emotions with niceties that will stay with the listeners. Overall, “1-25” is a lovely tune, and Akins’ delivery is flawless.

Listen to “1-25” by Andrew Akins on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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