Move over, heartbreak ballads, because Jeanna-Sis is storming onto the scene with “Frenemy.” That’s both a sucker punch to the gut and a fierce declaration of independence. Hailing from Moers, Germany, this rising star isn’t here to play by the rules. With musicianship that channels the soulful swagger of Nicki Minaj, Jeanna-Sis weaves a tale of a tumultuous first love, one that’s equal parts intoxicating and maddening. Released on February 2, “Frenemy” is Jeanna-Sis’s lead single from her forthcoming album, “Eyes Wide Open,” scheduled for release on April 19th, 2024.

The song opens with a vulnerability that sets the tone for the entire journey. Mournful piano chords linger in the air, mirroring the opening lines: “You wanna feel numb / Cuz you feel like your going insane / You wanna run from the hurt and pain.” Jeanna’s voice dips low and sultry, painting a picture of a love that’s as intoxicating as it is destructive. Then, the beat kicks in. It’s an emotional trap masterpiece, allowing her to effortlessly transition between soulful singing and fierce rapping. This isn’t your typical boy-meets-girl story. This is a battle cry for anyone who’s ever loved someone who left them feeling like an “enemy” in their own heart.

But “Frenemy” isn’t just about dwelling on the past. As the song progresses, the tone shifts. The soulful singing gives way to a more assertive rap, laced with lines like, “There is nothing I won’t try; fly high; let Jeanna touch the sky.” Jeanna-Sis isn’t asking for pity, she’s declaring her strength. She may be heartbroken, but she’s a fighter, and she’s ready to move on. The accompanying music video perfectly complements the song’s raw energy. We see Jeanna reflecting on the past relationship, showcasing the emotional turmoil through impactful visuals. There’s a vulnerability in her eyes—a flicker of past affection battling with the present need to move on. This visual approach deepens the narrative, offering a more engaging experience of Jeanna Sis’s inner turmoil.

Onto the next, the production of “Frenemy” deserves its applause. The beat is punctuated with interesting sonic flourishes, keeping you engaged throughout. It’s the perfect canvas for Jeanna-Sis’s performance, which is captivating. It embodies the use of soft, warm instruments that form a warm blanket around you in a symbolic embrace, especially the pianos and the drums, which make a lot of the difference. The mix holds all the elements together and does wonders for this song’s overall warm, moving sound. I think Jeanna-Sis deserves her flowers; not only is she good at singing, but she’s a maestro in production too. A perfect example of someone we describe as talented!

In conclusion, “Frenemy” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever loved and lost. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s beauty to be found. Jeanna-Sis has delivered a song that is both emotionally resonant and musically captivating. This is an artist we’ll all be hearing from for years to come, so mark her name down now. With “Frenemy,” she has not only announced her arrival, she’s done so with a bang. So, keep an eye on her, and in the meantime, hit play on “Frenemy” and let the music take you on an emotional journey. You won’t be disappointed.

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