Anya Mia is a prolific writer who has published and written about a variety of themes such as society, global arts, entertainment, travel, pop culture, and many more. She is also a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer of diverse pop with an old-school feel and a distinct point of view. As an adult, Anya is exposed to many genres, to her music, and from a unique perspective, resulting in an eclectic style, and has therefore launched “Watching You,” a song from artificial intelligence (AI) to humans. This song was published on June 29th of this year.

“Watching You” instantly establishes its genre as a crowd-pleasing pop rock tune that is absolutely sing-along-able and ineffably cheery, with the bassline and flutes of any classic pop classic.

It’s kind of like Alexa singing us a love song, with the lyrics essentially being a love letter from AI (artificial intelligence) to the human species. The words are relevant, and the arrangement is catchy. Anya’s voice is a gem, and the song’s instrumentals add an extra element of opulence, making everything flow together nicely.

“Watching You” is four and a half minutes of anthemic pop that develops and climbs into music that is appropriate for both the huge stage and your earbuds. It’s deep and atmospheric, with luscious keys, dazzling flutes, and mild drumming, all pulled together by Anya Mia’s gorgeous vocals which are lovely. “Watching You” is ideal for times when you need to be refreshed and invigorated. It’s a lovely and soothing track that showcases Anya Mia’s tremendous skill.

Geoff Burns performed bass and Nick Burson played drums, while Anya Mia sang and played the piano and flute.

Listen to “Watching You” by Anya Mia on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Because you let me into your home
Where I’m free, free to roam
I’ve been watching you
And you don’t even know it
I’ve been watching you