Xuavage Love, a Los Angeles-based rapper, is a musical genius in my judgment. I’ve just heard “Pill Intermission” from him, but he impressed me with his artistry and particular lyricism. That reflects his originality. On October 5th, he unveiled his smashing new song, “Pill Intermission,” and I’m confident that his melodic and lyrical finesse will put him ahead of other rappers. His flows are fluid and peculiar.

Xuavage Love fascinatingly begins the song that draws attention, with a trap-type pace that intersperses the style and vibe of this incredible talent. His lyricism is incredible, as is the manner he delivers it. This will undoubtedly make an effect on the listener. The melodies are compelling, and the flows are significantly so. As a critic, I feel Xuavage has some new and interesting flows. His maneuvering around the beat and melodies is flawless. His vocals also, are extremely captivating and seem as fresh as ever, establishing the appropriate tone for the piece.

“Pill Intermission,” with its rock vocal parts, is a song inspired by the pill epidemic. Xuavage Love made this song with a producer friend about how the solution to the pill epidemic was to simply take a pill and everything would be fine. The song hits hard, offering you a taste of what life is like when we are coerced to live in denial. With such content, I perceive “Pills Intermission” as one of those songs that people would connect with much more. Its information is quite insightful.

With this song, Xuavage gives us the best of his work. He has a sense of creativity and a captivating voice that makes the music more pleasurable and candid. The beat is enjoyable and brings the tune to life in the greatest manner possible. It will have you grooving all through the song with its addictive rhythm. Xuavage Love delivered a vibrant and charming performance over the well-crafted beat recorded and mixed by Campbell Rambo. “Pill Transmission” is now a current fave on my playlist, and I doubt I’ll ever stop listening to it.

Listen to “Pill Intermission” by Xuavage Love on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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