Aaron Brown, also known as Aza Brown in his musical career, is a Chesterfield-based artist who writes on how to quit feeling sorry for yourself. Aza Brown introduced “Afterthought” to his repertoire on May 13th of this year, and it is a lovely piece of Hindu-Latin rock and he will excite his audience with his infectious energy.

The energy of “Afterthought” would appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners, leading to the higher promotion of the music. Aza Brown’s vocals add a lot of passion to the song, which will just take your breath away. The attitude in the delivery is perfect, and it sets the tone for the song well. Throughout the song, the raspy vocals are utterly engaging and unrelentingly exciting.

“Afterthought” features a captivating Latin melody, an addicting acoustic guitar sound, synthesizers, a trance ambiance, and a unique beat that simply makes you react. The percussions are another notable aspect of the song and the pulse in the song is pretty assertive, which also contributes to the enthusiasm. And there’s pensive energy that gradually devolves into something even more melancholy and nearly horrific, balancing and pitting profound despair with an alarmingly pleasant optimistic cadence.

In the song, Aza Brown recalls a beautiful instant that either of us experienced when we understood that no one had used us, that someone had bullied us, that someone had handled us callously, and from there it’s a brief way of developing a dream of retribution. The words will indeed infuse entire fortitude and tremendously enhance our ideologies, allowing us to confront any situation with key attributes.

The structure of the song is incredibly flowing, which adds to the song’s ambiance and will permit listeners to thoroughly submerge themselves in its mood.

Listen to “Afterthought” by Aza Brown on Spotify and watch the video with the link above and let us know what you think. Cheers!