Betty Harper is a young singer-songwriter with a repertoire full of heartfelt acoustic alt/pop songs. Betty tells a story of healing and emotions in her new track “Made To Last,” a poignant tune from the Cardiff-based musician. She chronicles her narrative with a delicate and clear passion beyond her 19 years, writing about real-life situations and authentic sentiments.

“Made To Last” has a sense of unity and fragility from the start, expressing itself with softly chosen acoustic chords that are subsequently supplemented by Betty’s spellbinding vocals that have an incredibly eerie effect.

The single begins with relaxing piano and acoustic keys and builds to an ear-turning chorus, with her voice highlighting the topic of wins and losses. The song simply reminds you how you may have everything one minute and nothing the next as it gradually builds into something big, massive, and epic. Also, “Made to Last” does not appear to be a pure love song, but rather a song about the little aspects of a friendship that makes the commonplace vibrant and joyful.

Throughout the song, the rapport between the vocals and instrumentals is joyful, bringing love and solidarity in the face of love and compassion. It instills in your consciousness so many significant ideas and memories that it nearly feels like mythology. “Made To Last” is a beautiful song from an artist that has a lot of these under her sleeve, and it’s incredibly comforting and overall something to keep.

Betty Harper’s artistic flair¬†and charisma shine through in “Made To Last,” a song that hooks you in with evocative lyrics and uplifts with comforting vocals, a remarkable release that lays the basis for Betty’s career.

Listen to “Made To Last” by Betty Harper on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!