Inspired by Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, Kyiv-born but London-based Delena began to create her distinctive, sassy pop style and find her home within music when she relocated to London to study. She sounds incredible, and I’m impressed with how she unveiled her immense talent with her most recent release “Why Should I Love You,” a song that captures her feelings due to a recent split. On November 25th, this beautiful song was released.

Starting with an engrossing ambiance, Delena’s vocals present the song well in a mellow tone that augments the style and it momentarily soothes you. Along with the thoughtful groove that hooks your interest and keeps it there entirely. The songwriting is passionate, and it touches with a lyricism that has a tremendous effect on you. That is truly exceptional. Also, the instrumentation is quite unusual, and Delena’s seductive voice and facilitating harmonics endear you in the soundscape. They are simply stunning and go beautifully with the song’s delicate drum beat.

Delena confronts the subject of broken hearts in “Why Should I Love You.” The lyrics depict moments in Delena’s love relationship when she loses herself as a result of her man’s womanizing conduct. She believes she has done enough to be ignored and that it is now time to go on after contemplating and asking her partner, “Why Should I Love You?” She asks with an infectiously catchy chorus.

“This song came into my life at a time when everything seems to be upside down. My relationship broke down after 6 years, the war in my country continues and my friends and family are all scattered across the world. So, I dedicate this song to anyone with a broken heart. You will heal and you will love again”

Overall, “Why Should I Love You” is a passionate and emotional song that is well-written. Delena’s distinct creative aesthetic is showcased, as well as her intriguing beats and introspective lyrics that make her craft beautiful music. This is a great song with excellent production and fantastic execution with piano chords and string arrangements that provide a lovely touch to the milieu and completely fascinate you. Let’s embrace Delena’s emotions and sing along.

Listen to “Why Should I Love You” by Delena on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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