Henry Aberson, a Tulsa-based American drummer, and producer, leads us on a breakup trip with his passion-filled vocals from Nariah Taylor, a Dallas-based singer, and a blend of minimalist guitar rhythms and piano notes from Chris Campbell and Korey Keys, both from Los Angeles. “Hang It Up” is a groovy masterpiece that sets the tone for a beautiful day.

Henry’s latest song, “Hang It Up,” is a thrilling sound to listen to. There are so many expert-like features in the song. Nariah Taylor’s voice transports you to other worlds by incorporating jazz and groove components into the mix. The entire music is filled with Soul and is ideal for listening to while you’re alone.

The song expresses the writer’s pure intentions and pleasant atmosphere clearly, and Nariah’s layered vocals contribute to the intensity of the lyrics. The crispness, too, has the potential to retain us all captivated with the music and has just the right amount of nuance. The beautiful and inviting sound of the voicing of the chords is one of the most crucial components that rapidly creates the tone of the song. The guitar timbre is also perfectly adjusted to engross us in the vivid ambiance. Nariah Taylor’s performance has a particular flare as well as an engaging aspect that we find appealing.

The harmonies, voice tone, and the manner the concepts are conveyed all add to the appealing ambiance. The mix of such lovely components produces a special bond with the music, which I hope will stay with listeners and urge them to return to it over and over.

Listen to “Hang It Up” by Henry Aberson on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!