‘Mistakes’ is an Afropop record that explores themes of manipulation, sorrow, and pettiness.

BrandosLife is a rising singer-songwriter from London, England who creates songs to connect with people and get them moving through the art of storytelling in music. Brando’s music, which has a strong R&B base, is his distinct recreation of the melancholy 1990s with a current flavor.

Following in the footsteps of earlier tunes, BrandosLife takes his mid-Afropop up a level as the grind of background percussion and a lovely start carry his soulful vocals to daring new areas he hasn’t explored before, and he reaps the fruits beautifully with ‘Mistakes’, his new single which is purposely designed to make listeners moving whether through the grooving beat or the overly emotional contemporary lyrics.

‘Mistakes’ by BrandosLife has been dubbed as a ‘Heartbreak anthem,’ and although it is true to some extent as feeling misled, emotionally abused, and led on and can make one think a certain way, it will undoubtedly make a person more alert in a relationship. That remark seems to sell the track’s profundity a little short. ‘Mistakes’ was created after being used and abused over the potential of a crush instead of concentrating on what they could offer to the table at the moment.

Far from being “simply” a song to listen to while you’re experiencing relationship problems, this is a finely layered, masterfully created piece of music wrapped up in the guise of a joyful, rhythmic melody calming outro from BrandosLife.

‘Mistakes’ is a mid-tempo Afropop tune inspired by Beyoncé’s ‘Lion King: The Gift,’ an album that embraces African music. This lighthearted, entertaining single was released on May 6, 2022, just in time for the gentle transition from Spring to Summer, and BrandosLife, the artist, also gets producing credit.

What’s not to enjoy about a fantastic song and a brilliant cause? If you haven’t already, go listen to his hypnotic music on Spotify with link below.