Bravo Bonez is a Wellington-based New Zealand music producer, composer, and songwriter recognized for his distinctive sounds. Bravo Bonez’s approach is influenced by artists such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Crime Heat, and The Impending Adorations, yet he makes sounds that are uniquely his own and combines several of his favorite genres. Bravo Bonez released “Treason,” a song that mixes mid-90s Neo Soul, Acid Jazz, and UK music, with his remarkable passion for his work and willingness to achieve everything he set his heart to.  The song was released on November 25th, and it features the seductive voice of female artist Alba Rose who also occurs to be a co-writer on the song.

“Treason” is a brilliantly produced song that nails on the head right from the outset, opening gorgeously with pleasant melodic chords and strings before being accompanied by a piano harmonic progression. A modest snare and kick drum rhythm then enters the delicate composition and attracts the listener and very much begins to get you moving before Alba Rose’s lovely vocals come in with a wonderful flair for finding and interpreting the melody in this tune. Her vocals are flawless, with incredible richness and delivery with lyrics that are intelligent and genuine. On the converse, the catchy and captivating melodies of the song give it a complete impression.

In terms of “Treason,” the lyrics describe a lady who has nothing to offer anymore and is overwhelmed with humiliation in her head. It’s also a song about treachery and the guilt-tripping that results from it. With this tune, we can almost feel the betrayal and the emotions as the lyrics are so candid, honest, and real that you don’t feel excluded. The warmth in the beat is very comfortable and calming, and it merges seamlessly with the vocals to convey the information.

Overall, “Treason” is a work of art. Everything is top-notch, from the production to the way the vocalist expresses the content and how it is delivered. The tone quality of the instruments is superb, and the playing is wonderful. Alba’s amazing voice effortlessly cuts through the mix, while the harmonies and mix sound absolutely wonderful and complement each other flawlessly. Bravo Bonez has created a sound that is both exceptional and friendly with this composition.

Listen to “Treason” by Bravo Bonez ft Alba Rose on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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