Cael Dadian’s cinematic, “This Is Your Sign” is a repeat-worthy tune.

Cael Dadian, a San Diego singer-songwriter, has returned to the forefront of music with his brand new tune, “This Is Your Sign.” Cael Dadian doesn’t hold back when it comes to reviving iconic pop sounds. Cael composed, produced, and engineered the whole tune and released it on 6th May 2022. Dadian’s self-starting ambitions do not stop with the technical aspects of this song, he also has a very clear aim for what he wants the listener to take away from their listening experience:

“This is Your Sign” is a point a to b journey of a track with a slower mellow multi-genre inspired first half and a high energy poppier second half. You’ll land somewhere different than you began and this is certainly a track to sink your teeth into. Thematically, it’s about urging that person to reach back out and despite any doubts, they may have.”

The song’s lyrics address the idea of hopefulness, highlighting how a sign from someone would make him feel welcomed and loved. Cael addresses the subject with care, candor, and grace, easily captivating the audience. It helps that this is a feeling we’re confident most people can agree on, but it’s still wonderful to have a unified voice for it.

“This Is Your Sign” begins with some extremely tranquil and relaxing tones, with a warm piano and soothing instrumentals drawing the listener in. It rapidly creates a pleasant mood, and sonically, the song just gets better from there. While the song is kept very basic overall, certain synthesizers and good rhythms give it some drive, making for a more interesting listen.

Cael Dadian’s vocal performance, which keeps things moving by delivering each phrase with knowledge and a calm, collected demeanor sweet and relaxing while nevertheless being serious, adds to the lovely ambiance. It begins with airy electronica and alternative samples that provide the right flow for Dadian’s silky pop vocals, which leans toward modern R&B melodies at times. “This Is Your Sign,” is a pretty solid example of what to expect in terms of sound and attitude.

Overall, we thought “This Is Your Sign” was a wonderful song that demonstrated Cael Dadian’s maturation as a performer. Cael demonstrates his versatility with this release, which is essential for an artist. We expect more of the same from him in the future!

Listen to “This Is Your Sign” on Cael’s Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!