“So In Love”, is an unapologetic declaration of love.

Lorna Dea returns with her new passionate piece, “So In Love,” after launching her music career in 2015. The Leicester-based vocalist strikes a healthy mix between modern soul and love song, drawing rhythmic inspiration from The Supremes, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Michael Kiwanuka, and others. The steady verse delivery with vocal centering builds to bursts of anthemic choruses, and the song works its build-up nicely to draw as much attention to the nuances in the chorus as possible.

The lyrics of “So In Love” are of the love tale genre, with the main theme being “a declaration of love” to the person to whom Lorna Dea spends her voice and time. While giving up everything for someone else may not be the most powerful decision, it is a deeply felt topic about dedication and following one’s heart.

Lorna Dea begins the song by stressing her feelings for the person she is in love with. Lorna is ready and eager to pursue her partner’s goal and trip, but she is still trying to keep her cool and see if the feeling is mutual. “So in love” is a magical song about Lorna Dea battling with sentiments she wants to show off but chose to keep hidden.
The voices are forceful at their finest and passionate at their most consistent. Even though the fact that the guitars are smothered out, the kick strikes are crisp and blend well with the overall instrument delivery. Matching that with the harmonized and backing voices gives them something to depend on.

Dutch Van Spall co-wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered “So In Love” which was recorded at the Strawhouse Studio in Rugby, United Kingdom. Lorna made this masterpiece available for streaming on the 13th day of May this year.

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