Chris Hudgins, based in Texas, is a singer-songwriter who has been singing professionally for 11 years and playing music for 22 years, influenced by genres such as pop, R&B, and soul music. With all of these genre inspirations, he fills his tracks with a wealth of flavors that have his audiences riveted, and he’s superb at it. On October 10, he released “Buddy Hollywood,” a song he created with his friend Dubxilla.

Beginning with gentle melodious chords, followed by a brisk rhythm and Chris’ soothing voice, “Buddy Hollywood” gets our heads nodding to the beat from the start. The song has a fantastic groove and a brisk dance to it that instantly makes it a pleasant listen, and I commend Chris and Dubxilla for that. The masterfully crafted guitar riffs that accompany the song, as well as the strongly rhythmic drumbeats and the grandiose solo, will have your heads banging along. Chris and Dubxilla’s vocals, with their intensity and fervor, will pique listeners’ interest from the start to the conclusion.

With the distinct approach that keeps us listening to this lovely piece, their vocals have an exquisite playfulness that forms a magical veil that deludes us in the song’s premise. “Buddy Hollywood,” which has a total run duration of 2 minutes 52 seconds, is a song that I believe Chris wrote as a homage to his city. Consequently, the song, with its incredibly catchy lyrics and captivating melodies, is about everyone’s enduring love for their city. The song’s speed glides effortlessly, relaxing and electrifying us.

Chris and Dubxilla do an amazing job delivering their voices on this song, with the harmonics adding a final flourish. “Buddy Hollywood” is unquestionably an ode that wonderfully combines all of Chris’ impacted qualities. The music is thrilling and magical in its own right. This is one of those songs that immediately induces your heart to sing with excitement and love for your city.

Listen to “Buddy Hollywood” by Chris Hudgins ft Dubxilla on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Feels like Buddy Hollywood
Everything about me looking good right now, right now
Feels like Buddy Hollywood
Comin’ on through your neighborhood my town, my town

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