Thabo Courtney, based in Miami, is an R&B singer who combines the tone of greats like Anthony Hamilton and Jaheim with the sensitivity and understanding of great composers like James Taylor and Carole King. As a result, he has created an expressive and highly persuasive palette of all his sounds. He debuted his track “April 23” in May of 2021, however, a remix version with Midnite Michael was published accompanying a video on September 30th of this year. The two vocalists appear to have discovered their style in this composition, which brilliantly shows their genuine and heartfelt performance.

Thabo creates the idea of love with his conversational and approachable lyrics, which begin with a beautiful tune that will appeal to most listeners. His vocal approach establishes the atmosphere and is pleasant to listen to over the accompaniment. “23 April” appears to have it all.  It’s a 2:46-second tune that’s highly engaging. The enticing lyrics and beautiful melodies all weave together well and highlight Thabo and Midnite’s expertise. The music is laid-back, with seductive voices singing a love ballad that hits you right in the feelings.

Concerning the song’s specifics, I feel it is a song with a sincere and passionate message to partners we adore and desire to spend our lives with. With a music video that shows the significance of the song’s lyrics, it turns out to be the trailhead for a proposal by Midnite Michael to his good friend, manager, and girlfriend, Rikari Elaine Hall. The song’s concept and video will stir memories in more ways than one. The lyrics are sincere and intimate.

Overall, “April 23” is a lovely delight with its pleasant and exotic vocals, soft tunes, and nourishing touches. The catchy tune and moving beats capture the soul of the music and are ideal for relaxing. The presentation is flawless, and the singers eloquently presented their points.

Listen to “April 23” by Thabo Courtney on Spotify and SoundCloud, watch the video with the link above and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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