Chucky Trading Co is a Manhattan-based musical team comprised of songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young that harnesses dynamism with acoustic rock and sprinkles it with stunning weaves of melodies and vocals, making their tunes outstanding. The American folk duet has returned with peculiar and pleasant pure acoustic music, having already recorded several tracks. This new piece, titled “Your Freedom,” was published on September 20th. “Your Freedom” has a narrative sense to it. Continue reading to have an adventure!

Opening with suave acoustic guitar touches that sound eerily melodic, Taber’s soft voice has an enticing tone that hooks us in straight away. The soundscapes, center melodies, and underlying embellishments, along with the vocals, enhance the song, filling us with enlightenment. Moreover, the incredible guitar riffs and the delicate-sounding drumming contribute to the song’s adrenaline, making it seem tremendously frantic.

“Your Freedom,” with its gorgeous harmonies and instinctual lyrics, is described by the Chucky Trading Co as “It’s as if Jimi Hendrix sat in on a Byrds session”.It is already one of my favorite songs. The duo’s incredible talent has resulted in a catchy tune as it is a piece of baroque melody that seems both restful and intriguing. It is composed and performed with such passion and intensity that it is quite satisfying. The electric guitar encore blends in wonderfully and packs a punch.

“Your Freedom” pleases my comprehensive sensory repertoire with vocals, guitar riffs, percussive textures, and Everett Young’s delightful panache. The percussion is also perfectly clustered, making them feel as beautiful as the vocals. Overall, Chucky Trading Co has given another faultless performance, basking in the splendor of their outstanding songwriting.

Listen to “Your Freedom” by Chucky Trading Co on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
I’m counting the days in your heartbeat
I’m living the nights in your mind
You can’t escape from your freedom
You can’t give me what is mine

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