With only three songs to her credit from me, Australian singer Clare Easdown has captured my attention with her personal, unadorned tunes and raw, raspy, yet sweet voice. “To The One’s I Love,” her most recent single, which was released on March 8 of this year, is a reviving and heartfelt song that speaks to those who feel unseen and unheard and is a deeply personal reflection on the pain and heartbreak that come with the essence of feeling like an outsider among those you love. Keep reading as I provide further details about the music in my write-up.

The lo-fi sounds of “To The One’s I Love” offer a sturdy foundation, and Clare Easdown’s inimitable vocals glide over the top like a misty haze, showing her vocal range and proficiency, making it clear right away that the song is outstanding. She sings the lines in a seductive manner that melts throughout the song and imprints it in our minds. She does this with self-assured ease. Additionally, she uses an elegant vocal texture with indisputable feminine compassion and pleasure, all the while showcasing a vocal and compositional style that is reminiscent of her inspirations, including Madonna and Sevdaliza. Also, the beat is surrounded by trippy synths that swirl and twist, creating a disorienting atmosphere that perfectly captures the sensation of feeling disoriented and disengaged.

When it comes to the lyrics’ core, “To The One’s I Love” is very intimate and contemplative, with Clare baring her soul in a way that is both empowering and sympathetic. Clare Easdown describes her struggle to find her place in the world by singing lyrics like “I am invisible, To The One’s I Love, You’re Hurting Me,” which speak to her feelings of being an outsider and of not fitting in with society’s norms. Through it all, a sense of strength and perseverance comes through, along with a will to keep moving forward despite whatever challenges we might be confronted with. The song’s spirit is perfectly encapsulated in the lyrics, which are beautiful and heartfelt. Many individuals may relate to this strong and understandable statement since it refers to the common experience of loving people who are ultimately detrimental.

Overall, “To The One’s I Love” by Clare Easdown is a fantastic illustration of an electronic and dark pop song. Her vocal performance is really strong, which enhances the song’s allure and attractiveness. With its bouncy touch and thoughtful lyrics, “To The One’s I Love” is a healthy treat for the ears that will leave you yearning for more of Clare Easdown’s musical brilliance. It’s just a breathtaking musical gift that appeals to everyone’s inner outcast. Easdown has so effectively fashioned an anthem for outsiders with this composition, which will definitely connect with them.

Listen to “To The Ones I Love” by Clare Easdown on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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