Dee & d’Z is a new music duo from The Hague, The Netherlands, consisting of Bernadette Dengler (Dee), an Austrian dancer, vocalist, and songwriter living in The Netherlands, and Hans-Peter de Zeeuw, a Dutch drummer, composer, and producer. They love to create energetic music with positive lyrics and so, they formed during the Covid shutdown in 2020. The duo released “Flow,” their debut track, on September 9th, which gives such exquisite visual that legitimately fills the atmosphere with a lovely fragrance of compassion with an outstanding vocal delivery that reflects the song’s genuineness.

“Flow” which begins with a nice funky piano riff and some exciting drumming, invites listeners to dwell on the cheerful feeling of the song that transports us to the booming age of jazz and blues. Dee’s sensuous vocals enter wonderfully and establish the tempo of the tune with her seamless vocal delivery, making the song gripping and highly enticing. The instrumentals are likewise exceptional and will undoubtedly remind listeners of d’Z’s brilliance and creativity. This delights me greatly.

The song is about trusting life and going with the “Flow,” and it is both emotionally and socially significant. As a result, I see it as an uplifting song that encourages us to capitalize on whatever life has to offer. And that, we should be able to get something beneficial out of it, but more importantly in a positive way. Dee’s musicianship is a truly impressive cleverness, and her vocals are on target and full of gleeful exuberance that wonderfully conveys the concept.

Overall, “Flow” is lighthearted and cheerful, with a dash of funkiness that adds to the excitement. Dee’s vocals are infectious, and the happy trumpets and melodies provided by d’Z in certain portions of the song contribute to the enjoyment and awesomeness of the song. The instrumentation and production are excellent, and the song flows easily from beginning to end. “Flow” is contagious, and anybody who listens will be captivated. Trust me!

Listen to “Flow” by Dee & d’Z on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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