Sharl, a Melbourne-based musician, has returned with the music video for “Outside,” the 9th song from her 10-track album, “City Lights,” and it is awe-inspiring. With the video’s premiere on November 17th, “Outside” is funky music that will get listeners on their feet since Sharl’s distinguishing vocals blend with the rich tune and precise percussion to create a delightfully exciting sound. “Outside” is just another brilliant stuff added to her catalog, and her audience will embrace it predicated on how beautiful her other melodies are. Stay tuned as we get started.

Commencing with Sharl’s vocal introduction and some piano keys that set the setting for the entire track, she sings with captivating flows over the tempo, doing credit to the incredible instrumentals. Her vocals are conveyed with remarkable intelligibility, while the ambiance is enticing enough to keep us intrigued. Sharl’s delivery is quite engaging, and she executes each lyric with accuracy making it a distinctive component of the song. Another intriguing aspect is the beat rhythm, which is beautifully balanced by the groovy percussive vibe and Sharl’s exceptionally fluent transitions.

Sharl describes the song and video’s subject matter as follows. “Inspired by an underworld beyond the city lights, Outside’s video builds upon the urbane-disco sounds with a noir meets cyberpunk aesthetic. With a desire to highlight local talent, Sharl teamed up with Hustle Dance Crew – one of the premier K-pop dance crews in Melbourne. The video also features other local artists such as Kevin Silvester and Ash from indie band The Clever References and showcases the vision of an entirely Asian-Australian cast, crew and creative team.”

Overall, “Outside” is lively swing music that will have you dancing in no time. Sharl has developed a compelling sound with rich atmospheres, heavenly vocals, and varied beats to keep us excited for the entirety of the track. The composition and rhythm are flawless, and the arrangement of the song is expertly conveyed. Furthermore, the amazing dynamics and adaptable rhythms add to the track’s appeal and keep listeners expecting what Sharl will do next.

Listen to “Outside” by Sharl on Spotify or SoundCloud and watch the videos with the above links and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
I’ll meet you on the outside
Make it out of plain sight
Make out in the street light
Do whatever feels right
I’ll meet you on the outside
We’ll run from the flashlights
Something that I can’t fight
Take me on this hot night baby

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