Gabriella is a British-Israeli songwriter who draws interest from a wide range of artists, including Kate Bush, Alisia Keys, Amy Winehouse, and Ed Sheeran. She incorporates these musicians’ styles, techniques, and motifs into her compositions. Following her debut single, “Stranger To You,” she has returned with her second single, “Only You,” a gorgeously written and produced love song that depicts the essence of being in love. “Only You,” which was released on February 13th, emanates a romantic and entrancing atmosphere, drawing the audience in and immersing them in the depth of feeling that the song communicates. Let’s discuss it below.

Gabriella’s vocals capture the essence of the song from the first note, expressing a profound sense of longing and devotion. The lyrics are concise but meaningful, expressing the singer’s deep emotions for her beloved. Gabriella’s vocals are soulful, and the lyrics are filled with sincerity and affection, perfectly augmenting the delicate instrumentation of the song, which is equally stunning and enhances her vocals over the lavish harmonies. The use of strings in the backdrop, adds an extra layer of feeling to the song, giving it a sense of nostalgia that will appeal to audiences while also giving it a touch of glamour. Her vocal sparkles through beautifully as the song develops, and the vocal harmonies are guaranteed to linger with you. With delicate lyricism, this is genuinely riveting musicianship.

At its heart, “Only You” is a song about the power of love and how it can change our lives, with a theme that swirls around the overpowering sensation of love and the desire to communicate it to the special someone. The lyrics are beautifully crafted, with each line precisely chosen to express the immense emotion that comes with being in love. And, with the song’s message of recognizing that love is all-consuming when we encounter that special someone, they become the center of our world, it’s easy to see how the song could become a soundtrack to many people’s love stories. “Only You” would be the perfect backdrop to any occasion that honors love and devotion, whether it’s a first date, a wedding, or a romantic gesture.

Overall, “Only You” is a captivating love song that will surely touch the souls of all who hear it. Gabriella’s singing is superb, and the lyrics are beautiful, making it a must-listen for anyone looking for a song to convey their affection and admiration for their considerable other. It’s an ageless composition that will surely endure, becoming a classic love song that future generations will treasure

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