Joe Kenney, a recording artist, songwriter, and pianist with a B.M. in piano from the West Chester University of PA is one of the most significant musicians in the rising music scene. His copious and consistent work has elevated him to the ranks of a few of the most outstanding artists. On October 26th, he published “If It Lasts,” the second version of his original song. This remix edition contains the lovely vocal pair of Elle Gyandoh and Murphy Bug and MC Sterling Duns’ smooth lyricism.

“If It Lasts” begins with some street noise before Sterling Duns mesmerizes us with his spellbinding flow backed by some piano and acoustic accompaniment that portrays the song’s richness. Elle Gyandoh’s vocals then enter to provide a particular charm, while Murphy Bug’s vocals add an exciting bright blaze to it. “If It Lasts” is a delightful welcome design with swing and groovy components that create a marvelously appealing ambiance. The lavish orchestration gracefully complements the piano melody as the song develops, and its vibrant arrangement allows it to perform pretty effectively with beautiful transitions and inviting riffs.

With its soft beat that takes us on a fantastic voyage over 4 minutes, the song has a gleaming splendor that adds to its appeal. It is a song full of mature themes expressed in an uplifting approach, and the mood it evokes is quite breathtaking. “If It Lasts” is a song about unconditional love, with passionate vocal performances that drive the significance of the lyrics to the forefront.

Joe Kenny’s expertise as a multi-genre composer is clear in this piece, and I must say, he’s done an exceptional job. The textures of the melodies complement each other and add to the grandiose sound. Additionally, Adam Sisko’s synth percussion, Carter Fox’s soulful bassline, and guitarist Sam Cooper’s soulful lead lines to Kenney’s songs offer some unexpected decorations and flavor. Overall, the song’s message is made more gloomy by the heartfelt vocal cords in the chorus.

Listen to the “If It Lasts” remix by Joe Kenny featuring Sterling Duns on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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