Graham Turner is an award-winning composer and producer from the United Kingdom who has returned with a new song called “Out of The Darkness,” featuring Elle Cato on vocals and written Graham Turner and Donna Catron Graham, with whom he has collaborated for over a decade.

“Out of The Darkness” was released on May 19, 2022, and according to Graham, Donna Catron inspired him to create it when he regained his sight after a fast degradation of the collagen in his eyes caused him to go blind for nearly a year. And the effects of this drive and inspiration are improving in this area with the ability to improve one’s mood.

This song’s composition takes us through relevant circumstances and will certainly take us on a journey and mental transformation that will leave us with such a great outlook. Elle Cato is flawless and very passionate, with vocals that can only be commended. Turner’s production is superb, merging current sounds with a nostalgic, conscious feel. Elle Cato’s performance of the song was amazing, with a handful of crispness and emotion that contributed a lot of fire to the song.

The lyrics have a sincere quality to them, and they appear to stem from personal experiences after dealing with a particular type of grief. As a result, I find “Out of The Darkness” to be rather remarkable. With all of the instruments together, the song has a crisp production that allows the vocals to shine.

Listen to “Out of The Darkness” by Graham Turner feat Elle Cato on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!