Herald K, a Norwegian singer-songwriter, has returned with another calming track “Wandering Aengus” from his “Mythologies” album, after the release of “Arethusa”, the first single from the album. “Wandering Aengus”  was published on September 9th and it is a work of perfection with a musical interpretation of an 1899 William Butler Yeats poem.

When it comes to “Wandering Aengus,” the beginning alone will captivate listeners with the song’s acoustic calm mood, brilliantly handled in the music with live instruments producing their instinctual torrent of sounds. While Herald’s vocals remain unaffected and he sings flawlessly through the song, the tune goes into it, unpacking it musically with pleasant simplicity and comforting harmonies. Herald’s vocals on the song are my favorite portion because they flow with stark emotion and passion while being subtle and dripping with tranquility. Likewise, his vocal timbre soothes and eases listeners.

“Wandering Aengus,” a retelling of a William Butler Yeats poem, tells the story of the Greek deity of love and youth. It’s a song about longing for nature’s beauty and never giving up on that elusive muse. “Wandering Aengus”  reduces the rate of the clocks and embellishes your consciousness with compassion and understanding. At the same time, the acoustic guitar melodies blossom with aurally pleasing serenity and blissfulness, thanks to its meaningful lyrics and gorgeous composition bathed in soothing textures.

“Wandering Aengus” has the ideal balance of everything, and the tiny touch of melancholy combined with the music’s inherent delicacy makes for a beautiful combination that can easily enhance your day. The vocals in the song are calming and provide a sublime aspect to the overall feel of the piece. Herald has a distinct and appealing vocal tone, with wonderful melodies and intriguing lyrics that can be heard thanks to the song’s flawless mixing. Overall, I believe “Wandering Aengus” has enough merit in its present condition to stand out.

Listen to “Wandering Aengus” by Herald K on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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