Emma is a singer from Elgin, Scotland, with exceptional musical sensibilities. Also, she appears to be the first independent artist in Scotland to release her music on the blockchain. After months of understanding what that implies, she released her debut Music NFT named “Meet Me on the Lake” on September 23rd this year, and it is something new and different.

“Meet Me on the Lake” is a simple and powerful song that is laden with passion and steeped in beautiful harmonies. It opens sweetly with echoing piano notes before Emma’s enticing voice takes over and the layers are progressively added, facilitating the song’s synthesis. The gentle synthesizers heard in the song gradually bring some wonderful energy, making the environment feel complete and entire while the piano notes gently sustain the tempo. Emma sounded very honest in her vocal performance of this composition, which added to the feelings she beautifully communicated through her great writing. The whole ambiance is exquisite with elements of melancholy, leaving listeners profoundly receptive.

Speaking of “Meet Me on the Lake,” it relates to deficit and learning to accept the loss while resisting the urge to forget about it. I believe that this theme flows and connects with the others in such a perfect way that it is possible that a wide audience will find the song’s somber beauty appealing, and those who connect with it strenuously will hold the lyrics with them for a long time.

The song’s apex is made beautiful with simply exquisite soundscapes thanks to Emma Miller’s outstanding vocal modulation that runs throughout the song. “Meet Me On The Lake”  is a piece of art and a genuine testimonial to Emma’s expertise as an artist because she tells a story that has the ability to connect with us on a deeper level. Her performance is sincere, and the song’s raw passion is engaging and emotional.

Listen to “Meet Me on the Lake” by Emma Miller on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Show me how this ends
Whisper it will be ok
Meet me at our favorite spot, I’ll take the train


You can follow Emma here for more information.