The talented music group Intercontinen7al has returned with “Some Thousand Feet High,” the 10th track on their 14-track album “Volume 3,” to continue their trend of producing music that is both innovative and engaging. They were the first band to record music on each of the seven continents (using BandLab), with a mid-rhythm rock track including colleagues from Europe, North America, and South America. “Some Thousand Feet High” was released on December 16th, 2022, and it is a mind-bending pleasurable piece that will enthrall any listener. Proceeds from this song, like those from their prior releases, will benefit Ukrainian refugees. Let us now explore its richness.

Beginning infectiously with gentle piano melodies and an airy backdrop that sets the tone for the length of the song, the dashes of melodic components give depth to the song before the singer’s beautiful voice emerges to catch and capture listeners’ interest. The vocal delivery is excellent, blending well with the instrumentation to create a rich and full sound that adds an incredible depth of sweetness to the already catchy song. “Some Thousand Feet High” is masterfully created, with both instrumentation and vocals working in harmony. The production is one of its most notable aspects. It is amazing because the song is allowed to expand slowly at first but then picks up pace somewhere amid its progression.

Lyrically, “Some Thousand Feet High” is an investigation of self-discovery and exploration. The lyrics depict a person striving for meaning and purpose in a world that might appear chaotic and perplexing at times. Growth, ambition, and perseverance are themes that run throughout the song, making it a strong and inspiring listen. The chorus, with its soaring voices and infectious melody, is especially remarkable, transporting you to the song’s magnificent paradise of pure joy and bliss.

Overall, “Some Thousand Feet High” is that sort of music with an uplifting and cheerful tone, making it a fantastic pick for anybody seeking a motivating and powerful anthem. The vocalist delivered her performance with passion, and the lyrics pierced deep with sincerity in her singing. I was blown away by her melodic grandeur, which complimented the song perfectly. The mix is crystal clear instrumentally, with each instrument well placed and combined to produce a coherent and vibrant atmosphere. It showcases its unique sound and impressive production skills. And so, if you’re looking for something new and inspiring, “Some Thousand Feet High is worth a listen”.

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