Kit Citrine is an artist located in Orlando. Their melody is the thrill of euphoria, transporting the listener to another level of dream. I’ve admired them for the calming smoothness of their vocals along with their passionate choice of musical sounds. “Midnight Masquerade,” their most recent release, was released on June 17th of this year.

“Midnight Masquerade” is a cathartic scream of rage and rebellion inspired by real-life situations, such as dealing with sadness and depression following their father’s death, all while the world is in the grip of a pandemic.

Citrine is openly genderfluid and bisexual, therefore the single address issues like mental health and negotiating societal expectations, which is topical considering Citrine’s genderfluidity. June is LGBTQIA+ pride month, and these concerns are especially relevant when viewed through the eyes of the gay community. The song is also about Citrine coming to terms with their gender during the epidemic and what it means for their interactions and relationships in the world moving ahead.

Despite the intended subject, this gem is comprised of a superb combination of soothing vocals and a rhythmic backdrop. “Midnight Masquerade” is soothing and will undoubtedly uplift the listener’s mind and spirit. The way they seduce and hypnotize the audience is ghostly. This song nicely depicts their supernatural singing abilities. . The lyrics cause you to go deep into your mind and analyze your environment. This is one of those songs that will awaken the eyes of many people.

The song’s production and instruments are both current, with a gloriously bright kick drum and some excellent usage of toms to break up the different sections with stereo in the drums that is incredible.

Listen to “Midnight Masquerade” by Kit Citrine on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Yeah, the glitz and glam and glitter’s a cute charade
A pretty little mask to keep the world unafraid (Yeah)
I’ll be the brightest star at the masquerade
Midnight masquerade