Are you seeking a one-of-a-kind aural experience? Then check out “Mirror Selfie(Mirror on the Wall)” by the energetic multinational music group KOTC Clan (Kings of the Clout and Kidz on the Corner), which includes members from the United States, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Nigeria. They are a musical group that consistently brings something innovative to the scene with finely composed tracks that sparkle with elements of a discrete combination of trap and drill music. And, as part of a dual release, “Mirror Selfie(Mirror on the Wall)” sets the atmosphere for a compelling music experience from cradle to grave. It was released on November 11th of last year and has had over 40k listens on Spotify only.

“Mirror Selfie(Mirror on the Wall),” which lasts 3 minutes and 24 seconds, begins infectiously with crackling synthesizers and enticing melodies, setting the stage for a fantastic listening experience. It contains some incredible vocals that are full of variances and flows that are quite uncommon. “Mirror Selfie” is precisely what anyone would expect to hear from such a global music group. The vocals fit the style of the music and the vibe it conveys, adopts on a softer, snappier cadence altogether. And I noticed the instrumentation worked pretty well with the singer’s fluid, especially with the drill. It generated smooth and engaging but overwhelming harmonies with which I engaged.

Although this is a hard track that will undoubtedly get you moving, the band’s profound sense of musicianship combined with their brilliant writing is what sets them apart. In terms of its concept, “Mirror Selfie (Mirror On The Wall)” is a song that exudes confidence. The lyrics are honest, and it enables one to continue without criticism or remorse since they are exceptional at doing what they do, and no one can do it better than them. The lyrics are delivered with delight and zest, with a dash of creaminess, adding to the song’s liveliness. It’s substantial and expertly produced.

Overall, “Mirror Selfie” (Mirror On The Wall) is catchy and relatively simple to listen to while remaining stylish, unique, and polished. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest trap-infused drill tracks I’ve heard thus far. The production is excellent, and the singer delivered an impressive game. It’s a song at its best, challenging the limits of what’s attainable yet appealing to everybody.

Listen to “Mirror Selfie (Mirror On The Wall)” by KOTC Clan on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
Mirror on the wall
Girl you da baddеst of em all
Yeah mirror on the wall
Girl you da baddest of ‘em all


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