By fusing modern pop with acoustic riffs, Orlando, FL-based gifted and emerging musician KRISTOPHER of Artemis Music has released a sensuous new song titled “Indigo Sky.” KRISTOPHER has rejuvenated his image, style, and, most significantly, his music with this lovely piece. “Indigo Sky,” which was published on November 4th with an accompanying video, is one of the most relaxing and heart-warming melodies you’ll ever hear. Let us get started!

Beginning with the song’s most astounding component, KRISTOPHER’s vocal, which maintains and sustains the groove, it sounds amazing over the gorgeous acoustic notes, which complement the song’s relaxing backdrop, making “Indigo Sky” a tranquil, stimulating, and quite profoundly soothing tune. KRISTOPHER offers an exceptional atmosphere for audiences on this track with such a melody and lyricism. The gentle and subtle instrumental accompaniment to his vocals is really pleasant and helps us to absorb ourselves in the song. “Indigo Sky” has a rich flavor and transmits a relaxing aura that is romantic and alluring.

“Indigo Sky” with KRISTOPHER’s soft vocals that seem like whispers and conveys lyrics in a very healing manner, is a song about being emotionally candid with oneself. The lyrics dive into the lonely wants of the hookup culture with a don’t ask, don’t tell date under the darker veil of an indigo sky. As a result, the song instructs us that there isn’t anything incorrect with turning to false closeness. The impression of wholeness in the lyrics and melody brings our feelings to the surface and gives the appropriate rationale for us to be intrigued.

The accompanying official music video, also written and performed by Kristopher, dramatizes the song in a don’t ask don’t tell date night under the darkened veil of an indigo sky.

Overall, KRISTOPHER’s superb performance will keep listeners hooked to the song and intrigued by the delicate guitar work, which, coupled with the vocals, creates an easygoing ambiance. His ability to produce such a fantastic job with this music is incredible and makes him outstanding. The vibe will likely wow listeners, and the lyrics give a fresh take on the song’s subject that will likely linger with lyrical admirers.

Listen to “Indigo Sky” by KRISTOPHER on Spotify or SoundCloud and watch the video with the above link and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
You’ll be my lover for the night
Don’t have to leave until it gets light outside
I won’t even call you mine
Let’s fall in love under an indigo sky

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