Mark Winters, a rock artist, has given Songweb another chance to assess his work after several great pieces about some of his past works were published on our site. The Sugar Land, Texas musician, who is known for his gorgeous compositions, is back with another banger named “My Christmas.” And since he dropped it on November 9th, every day feels like December, and it, therefore, prepares us extremely well for Christmas.

“My Christmas,” which opens with jingling jingle bells and a lovely lead guitar riff, has the energy of a lively song full of commitment and happiness. The playful and appealing guitar beat that underpins the wonderfully textured vocals evokes simple yet tremendous enjoyment. Mark Winters’ use of a perfectly integrated soft-rock method demonstrates his ability to creatively alter the genre to fit his style. Everything in this piece, from the words to the singing, to the melodies, to every single part, has a vibrancy to it that transmits that energy into us as we listen. The whole song is awesome, but Mark Winters’ vocals really make the song.

“My Christmas” is a happy feel-good Christmas song and the love we share throughout this season, with an immensely revitalizing vibe to it, probably making it so sincere and worth listening to. It’s a song about spending quality time with friends and family and making the most of Christmas. The song’s title is appropriate since when you listen, all you can think about and feel is Christmas and the joy it provides.

As a great piece with country and rock components, “My Christmas” is pristinely crafted with pleasant voices, meticulous production, addictive melodies, and uplifting lyrics. Overall, the song is pleasing to the ear, making listening to a soothing encounter that will appeal to a wide range of audiences because it is a Christmas anthem and everyone relishes such joyful periods. Above all, “My Christmas” will make excellent Christmas mashup music. This year, I think I’ve discovered the ideal music for “My Christmas.”

Listen to “My Christmas” by Mark Winters on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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