Leslie Bowe Has Stories To Tell Through His Songs On The “Something Right” Ep

Leslie Bowe is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Leslie is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and has spent the last four years pursuing a professional songwriting career in Nashville, TN. “Something Right,” Leslie’s most recent Ep, is a compilation of five appealing and expressive songs of acoustic-driven pop-rock filled with just the appropriate proportions of passion.

“Something Right,” Leslie’s return effort, is painstakingly arranged to take the listener on a musical trip through the life cycle of love. Along with the soothing and lyrical music, Leslie’s rough yet melodic vocal performance guides the whole song. This project was published on 1st May 2022.

The song that begins with the Ep is titled “A Little Kindness”. A gentle acoustic guitar melody, an organ, and some little electric guitar riffs open this tune. It’s gradual but powerful, particularly when Leslie’s vocals arrive. Leslie sings from the heart and the song has a basic groove.

“Stand,” the second song on the EP, features saxophone and funk improvisations. This song harkens back to the days of retro soul and vintage r&b while yet retaining a folky rural feel. It’s a whole different division, using silences to accent the lines. It’s a little more lively, but not enough to fully shift the tone of the first song.

The third song on the EP, “Break Even,” breathes and lives in the moment, calming the unpredictable volatility of one’s emotions. It also sounds like a straight-up rock tune. The organ in the song reappears in the background, giving the tune a wonderfully unique feel, and the chorus melody is very captivating. Leslie switches the attention to the lovely vocals he’s captured, as well as the resolve of telling a story.

The fourth song, “Carry It On,” slows the speed down slightly, with a slow organ and piano tune providing the major accompaniment, with the percussion and Leslie’s vocals. Leslie matured and instilled in himself the value of simplicity. The song has a gospel feel to it, which many people can identify with.

The joyful title tune “Something Right” concludes the album. The song begins with some country rock guitar riffs and a relatively lively rhythm, sounding excellent for dancing to yet with a church undertone. With this song, it sounds like the ideal conclusion to all of the preceding tracks’ aspects. “Something Right” is a song that will bring people together as they sing along to it and provides a purpose and meaning for happiness.

Give Leslie’s soulful versions a listen on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!