Chicago-based Luke Frees, with his extraordinary musicianship and incredible talent, delivered the sweetest Christmas present ever to everyone across the world on December 23rd. “If There Ain’t A Heaven,” is that beautiful present, and I enjoyed its delicious flavor, which I’m sure another would as well. Luke Frees has a flair for mesmerizing people with musical selections, but this one is executed with such compassion that genuinely impacts us. Let’s dive into it.

Mellow and heartfelt piano chords that are marvelously played to convey emotions are what introduced “If There Ain’t A Heaven.” And for a moment, I envisioned I was being embraced by angels at heaven’s gate. It was such a serene and pleasant introduction before Luke’s vocals came in to add warmth. Speaking of his vocals, they are an incredible charm that gently makes you fall in love with the song and beautifully enhances your mood while the arrangement lends the music an affectionate atmosphere. It is kept elegant and offers the right pace without making the song tedious. It incorporates all of the delightful elements of music that would likely satisfy any listener.

With all its attractive pace, flexible melodies, and deep but comforting mood, “If There Ain’t A Heaven,” is one of those perfect love songs to sing to anyone you adore. However, I suppose it is excellent to sing to someone you desire to marry. Because the lyrics here express the sense of being completely in love and surrounded by love, as it describes the desire to achieve anything imaginable for your aficionado in this world after becoming completely smitten. Luke sings passionately and perfectly, with genuine lyrics that give the song depth. This makes it holistic music that elicits a diverse range of emotions in the listener when they find that soulmate.

“If There Ain’t A Heaven” evokes nostalgia and a nice sensation that I can’t define. But I can only describe it as a sterling example of minimalism. Corwin Zekley’s soulful string section and gentle fervor of piano chords are precisely the right feelings for me. And this may keep listeners enthralled. The production and performance are outstanding, and the way he finished the track with the piano melodies at the end, is just satisfying. Overall, “If There Ain’t A Heaven” is a magical journey.

Listen to “If There Ain’t A Heaven” by Luke Frees on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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