Monroe Moon, the Grand Rapids-based pair Theo Malkin and Bunny Monroe who make up Monroe Moon, is featured in our blog once again to feed listeners with yet another lovely composition. They are one of the few unique artists I know with songs that make fans crave more. While planning for an album to be published in 2023, the pair released a song in anticipation of what is to come. “Just a Little Bit Longer” is the latest music to lead the way, and we can’t be dissatisfied with such a platitude. It was released on November 21st and is a song about bereavement and retribution. Read on to find out more.

Gorgeously, “Just a Little Bit Longer” opens with a crisp drum rhythm that is both intriguing and welcoming with soothing acoustic and electric guitar chords that will take you to a state of ecstasy. The track’s introduction is just awesome. And just when we were getting into the music, the appealing vocals of Bunny Monroe comes in to console us with that warm and comforting feeling that could lead listeners into a whimsical setting along with her passionate singing and poignant lyrics that enriches the listening experience. The lyrics are pretty simple to understand and connect with. As a result, “Just a Little Bit Longer” is an exquisitely wrought art piece that speaks genuinely and candidly having a very standard groove that meshes perfectly with the melody.

“Just a Little Bit Longer” is a song that digs into the themes of bereavement and retribution, with a magnificent and heavenly ambiance that makes us feel exuberant as we listen to the soft and mellow pace composed with the impression that both excitement and despair are not far away. The song is rich in meaning and dimension and makes it relevant in a variety of ways. The husband and wife duo have created a soothing tune with Bunny’s warm sonorous voice and Theo Malkin’s smooth texture on the instrumentation whereas the guitar riffs provide an elegant touch to the track, while the vocals convey a warm atmosphere.

“Just a Little Bit Longer” is wonderfully composed and it’s incredible how they put this song to life which makes me believe they performed it with the same emotions they wrote the song with. I’m in love with the production and the entire song, as well as the incredible performances. Overall, Monroe Moon will cast a spell on listeners and transport them to another dimension with their insightful lyrics and wonderful sound. They are promising talents, and I can’t wait to hear their album next year.

Listen to “Just a Little Bit Longer” by Monroe Moon on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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