“Most Of The Time” is the latest single by Chicago-based Luke Frees, who has been creating songs since he was five years old and began legally releasing music under his name in 2017 with his first EP “After The Rain.” Luke Frees is a phenomenal musician that creates soulful and charming songs that are completely unique, like he did on November 25th with “Most Of The Time.”

Opening with ambient acoustic guitar chords, with violin and piano melodies adding richness and movement in the context, “Most Of The Time” is an extraordinary ethereal music that will captivate you with its bewitching qualities. Luke’s vocals are soothing and appropriately augment the track’s somber tone. They are emotionally delivered in a genuinely wonderful manner, with delicate and gentle depths. The performance fits in nicely with the ambiance and merges beautifully with the melodic richness of the song, keeping us enthralled in addition to the vocal delivery. Additionally, the inclusion of the string and jazzy sections that play for the final 1 minute before the song finishes works effectively well with the acoustic pace, adding to the excitement and making the song irresistible.

“Most Of The Time” is a well-written and heartfelt song about love, with each phrase delivered with the appropriate weight to have a favorable impression on us. It’s a song that beautifully depicts the anguish and suffering of a breakup. The lyrics tell the narrative of a breakup and the frustration that results from it. “Most Of The Time” is a song about Luke Frees’ real relationship. With this song, has a great ability for translating his troubles into captivating lyrics.

Overall, “Most Of The Time” is a delight. From start to finish, the music draws your interest and quickly puts you at rest with the setting it portrays. The songwriting is kept simple, allowing listeners to connect with the music and absorb the vibe right away. The production is excellent, and it excels in creating a pleasant and inviting mood. “Most Of The Time” is a song I would suggest to fans of Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Nina Simone, and Angelo Badalamenti, as well as anyone who likes calm, delicate, and magnificent music.

Listen to “Most Of The Time” by Luke Frees on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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