Ryan David Orr, a Phoenix-based American singer/songwriter, and producer, creates thoughtful music for a thoughtless age. Ryan enjoys merging his songs with beautiful instrumentals and charming melodies to enhance the listening experience for his audiences and this is quite evident in his songs. On November 4th, he released “How Long,” a song with so much compassion and pleasure in the atmosphere that you’ll want to listen to it for a long time. The lovely and soulful melodies are amplified by the song’s lush instrumentation.

Starting with a bouncy and groovy pad on guitar riffs accompanied by a drum beat, “How Long” is purely a piece of soft music. Ryan’s vocals sound wonderful as they blend into the music and keep the flow wonderfully authentic and lend a calming tone to the song. He presents a song that is equally simple and heartfelt. Also, the mix of the bass and the funky pads with the guitar riffs creates something genuinely gorgeous, whereas the harmonies embrace us with a recipe of melodic bliss. The beat will just intrigue you to boogie.

With Ryan’s sweet and soulful melodies that are elevated by lush instrumentation to make it sounds like a drive from the Pacific Northwest to the South and back, I would define “How Long” as a contextual song, in my opinion. The lyrics depict the story of a lady who has been deserted by her partner and is losing herself. On the other hand, someone loves her yet she is unable to reciprocate that love. Now, here’s why that individual is questioning, “How Long” will this go on? This is a lovely track brimming with riffs to enjoy and lessons to absorb. The lyrics are profound enough to make anyone ponder, and they are masterfully represented through both the lyrics and the music.

Overall, the entrapping tones of the melodies and instruments play an important role in setting the song’s vibe and making it desirable, particularly the guitar crescendo, which are so gorgeous and in rhythm with the vocals. The cadence is maintained throughout, and the percussions have a nice texture that complements the song perfectly. Above all, Ryan has produced, written, and performed the song flawlessly, demonstrating his abilities as a producer, singer, and songwriter.

Listen to “How Long” by Ryan David on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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