Meghan Pulles, a Brooklyn-based songbird, is an emo-positive singer-songwriter who heals the world through her lyrical lens and soul-styling songs. Her music has impacted people worldwide, bringing her listeners on a cathartic mental and emotional healing and well-being journey. Meghan Pulles’ four-track EP “Sighs of Her” has a total length of 15 minutes and 27 seconds and has had a good streaming number already. We’ve been listening to the singer’s “Sighs of Her” EP for a few days now, and it’s a lovely compilation of songs, three of which are from her archives. “Sighs of Her” is Meghan’s third EP and was published on 21st October.

The acoustically infused instrumental track “Anxiety” kicks off the EP and sounds fantastic to listen to. Meghan Pulle’s vocal stylings and skills complement the production and enhance her talent. The guitar chords are pretty and fresh, while Meghan’s vocal delivery is beautiful, which I adore. Musically, “Anxiety” is a song Meghan created during a terrible anxiety episode that ended up being a comfort to her. As a result, she wrote this song to encourage those dealing with it. The song has a genuine connection, magnetic energy, and a deep soulful passion. If you’re feeling down, listen to “Anxiety,” which is nothing short of exhilarating.

The EP continues to wow me with the second song, “Monster.” The acoustic guitar riff is great, and Meghan’s vocals are lovely, with a nice and awesome flow. Her vocal delivery shows passion and enthusiasm, and it is thoroughly enticing. The song’s lyrics have a magnificent swing, and the piano melodies heard toward the conclusion are yet another aspect that has profound emotional resonance.

The third single, “Mountain,” is a tune with a faultless mood that can maintain us captivated. The tune is just amazing. It begins with delicate and percussive acoustic notes that are nicely delivered and set the tone for the rest of the song. “Mountain” is extremely fantastic, with its serene, tranquil, and mystical atmosphere. The lyrics are inspiring and describe the fortitude of a woman who encounters many hurdles in her path, yet she remains anchored like a “Mountain” that cannot be uprooted. Her vocal performance’s concentration on the lyrics adds to the depth.

The EP is rounded up by the last track, “The Light (Remix),” a rendition of a Regina Spektor song to which Meghan has always felt strongly attached. This song serves as a reminder to cling to the light even in the darkest of times and to do so for the remainder of your life. The lyrics’ relevance resonates throughout the song with such intensity and passion, and Meghan has the most soothing voice to console us. With this song, she conveys a sense of optimism.

Meghan Pulles’ songwriting abilities shine through in this EP, as she delves into the numerous emotions, feelings, and moments that we encounter in our society, making this work of art so relevant. With comforting vocals and heartfelt lyrics, “Sighs of Her” EP is a restorative aid for everyone who needs encouragement and motivation in their lives. The songs are written with brutal honesty making the EP commercially worthy.

Listen to “Sighs Of Her” Ep by Meghan Pulles on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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