Chamad Shango is a French musical duet consisting of actress, singer, and dancer Geraude Ayeva Derman and author-composer, multi-instrumentalist, and film director Guillaume de Sacrafames. The duo has been working together for quite some time, and their songs go beyond boundaries. The way they weave their songs will enthrall you and send you on a delightful ride. Their vibes are comparable. With a library full of lively tunes, the team added a treasure to their portfolio on October 28th with “Nowadays Pride,” a gloriously colorful and pleasant track.

Geraude’s superb vocals carry the song and leave it shining, beginning with some mesmerizing melodies that are nicely produced and organized. The song can mesmerize and charm its listeners with the magical spells of melody. “Nowadays Pride” is a very creative and wonderfully performed song, with Guillaume’s supporting vocals providing further richness. Derman is enamored with what she is singing about since the musical arrangements are so upbeat and mesh so well with the song’s premise.

Taking into account what led to this composition, “Nowadays Pride” is a song about, “after a concert when crazy people invited Chamad Shango to join their community. They’ve founded an autonomous village to escape pandemics. Eventually, they want to colonize space! The band had found crazier than us.” The instrumentals nicely match the vocals, each lending its beautiful touch to an entire dazzling song. An accompanying video illustrates visuals from the song’s lyrics.

This lively, upbeat song is ideal for making your day go smoothly. It is performed with brilliance, with outstanding singers, terrific timbres, and commercially relevant rhythms. Chamad Shango’s performance is passionate and genuine. As a critic, they made me adore every minute of the song, and I’m confident you will as well.

Listen to “Nowadays Pride” by Chamad Shango on Spotify and watch the video with the above link and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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