Mote grew up in Nashville, surrounded by excellent musicians, which sparked his passion for composing and joining bands at the age of seven. He is currently located in Berlin, where he moved to begin a new life after being bedridden for nine months and defeating mono. He creates pleasant music of high quality as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. With his distinct approach, he has continued to bring out only the best in himself and keeps his listeners coming back for more of his music, just like he has done for me with his new song “Hello Divine,” which he released on November 4th with a nostalgic flavor that will make your feet move.

“Hello Divine,” which begins with an electronic Pop flair, is a song full of exquisite melodies and captivating rhythms that lure us into its upbeat cosmos like magic. Mote’s unique and soft vocals are on show, and they sound appealing to the ears particularly combined with the incredible synth work and the drums that perfectly precede it. As a consequence, an astounding track. The intelligent arrangements and irresistible tunes will fascinate you to the end that you can’t resist but be attracted in by its glamour. The song is as beautiful as it gets and we seem to be competent to embrace everything it has to offer.

When it comes to the concept of “Hello Divine,” it’s a song about going in search of something we desperately need, whether it’s desire, satisfaction, loneliness, grandeur, or anything else. While the lyrics are extremely relevant, we can easily see how Mote intends to attain his aim influenced by outstanding composition and simple, tuneful lyrics. With this track, Mote has crafted a masterpiece that will spark new musical genres and ways to convey passion. And he says, it’s the best song he has ever released and he’s 110% proud of it. That’s remarkable.

Overall, “Hello Divine” is a unique and innovative tune that will take you on a wonderful journey you are unlikely to forget. This track’s blend creates an addictive vibe across, making it almost impossible. It has a synchronized impact with its instrumentals and vocals, and I enjoy the feel of the song. Everything, from the production to the performance to the instrumentation, is flawless. I’m adding this to my playlist, and I hope you do as well.

Listen to “Hello Devine” by Mote on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!


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