Hailing from Vancouver Canada, Rebecca Sichon is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter who instills emotions with her R&B-infused songs in compelling ways. Her depth of knowledge sparkles through in her singing, as she tells stories of all kinds in a thoughtful, lighthearted, and graceful style. With a couple of songs that make her distinctive in her particular way, Rebecca debuted “Together” to her repertoire on November 25th, as she takes us on an insightful and deep trip that tackles love and conquering the fears associated with it.

“Together,” introduced by Rebecca’s outstanding vocals with a piano melody and delicate drums, masterfully conveys the song’s emotional states with her matchless pitch and immaculate execution complemented by the soft and modest tempo. This provides a unique touch to the song delivered with a great deal of pathos. Rebecca, on the other hand, does a stellar job displaying her vocals on this tune with a serene tone on the basic yet effective instrumentation, owing to the slow, gentle rhythms and laid-back vocals. “Together” emanates Rebecca’s R&B passion and envelops us in its comforting mood.

The song “Together” was written by Rebecca after an emotional improvisation session. She sings about conquering fear, as well as the required reflection of her honest feelings about love which she expressed herself honestly and sincerely. Along with the audio, there is a music video in which Rebecca can be seen writing the lyrics of the song while singing along, playing the piano, and doing gestures to accentuate the lyrics. There’s no denying she’s an incredible composer, thanks to the way she skillfully crafted lyrics that express emotions so blatantly. This tune truly hooks you and takes you on a bumpy ride.

Overall, “Together” is a lovely tune packed with rich apparatus and poignant, solemn lyrics that will put you in a pleasant mood. The content of the song is very relevant. Rebecca’s vocals are incredibly emotive, filling the song with passion and enticing energy. She exudes professionalism and knowledge of herself and the music, resulting in a highly heartfelt performance. Everything about the production is fantastic, and the music has been precisely blended to fit the variations between the singer and the instrumentals.

Listen to “Together” by Rebecca Sichon on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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