Patty Duffey is a Boston-based singer/songwriter with a distinct musicality who I fell in love with the first time I heard her song. “There” is the song that I’ve heard so far, and it has an incredible mechanism and production that ensures everything is beautifully performed with a special type of fervor. “There” was released on October 21st, and every line of its lyrics makes me feel emotional about my friendship decisions. Wanna know how I feel? Read on to find out.

Opening with Amelia Earnshaw’s hypnotic vocals and some delicate acoustic guitar strums, the music grows in tempo and welcomes us to an enthusiastic environment to absorb the emotion more strongly.  Amelia’s vocals are really lovely, and she does an outstanding job of keeping the song intriguing and interesting. Also, her vocal delivery is terrific, and it blends flawlessly with the tone of the song. The ambiance is excellent for us to appreciate, and the instrumentation and her artistry complement nicely each other. From beginning to end, the song is seductive, with appealing beats interspersed throughout to keep you gripped.

“There,” as simple as it seems yet highly appealing, is a song about the amazing strength of friendship and how close friends can support one another in any scenario. Someone who will always have your back and shield you from all odds and uncertainties, and maybe even your darkest fears. It’s just about having someone who will be “there” for you at all times. Patty conveys her sincere emotional message with a catchy chorus song that blends in well with the vibrant accompaniment. It’s an excellent piece that exemplifies her intelligent songwriting talent.

Overall, everything in “There” comes to life and encourages the listener to accomplish well with friendships. It is composed and performed effectively in both aesthetic and instrumental ways. In addition to Amelia Earnshaw’s flawless display of creativity, her performance was outstanding, and she would undoubtedly captivate her fans.

Listen to “There” by Patty Duffey on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
To have my back
To have my soul
Never need to turnaround
And worry about who’s here or there
Never a whisper
Never a sound

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