Rauly’s new single ‘Obvious’ is a captivating experience.

Rauly’s dynamic acoustic melodies in his latest single ‘Obvious’ are friendly and irresistibly enticing. Rauly is a Fullerton-based artist in the United States. When Charlie Heat declared on Instagram that he wishes to collaborate with unsigned musicians, Rauly took him up on the offer and submitted his work. ‘Obvious’ is Rauly’s fourth release, after his first song “In the Eyes,” which was released in January. ‘Obvious’ was published on May 12, 2022. Rauly wrote the song on acoustic guitar, and Charlie Heat and Busco participated in the final production.

Rauly’s vocal style is a¬†pleasant and delicious melody that rises and falls in time with the accompaniment as the singer/songwriter composed the song with a catchy chorus in its progression. The acoustic tones are both overdriven and pristine, making you want to take it all in.

Rauly wrote his new track, ‘Obvious,’ while trying to figure out what to do with his life and feeling lost. The song is not about knowing what you want to do with your life which seems relatable to many people out there. However, Rauly’s message to his listeners is that there is nothing wrong with not being able to uncover one’s potential and skills, but as time passes and effort is maintained, you will soon come to the conclusion and know-how ‘Obvious’ it is to discover your potentials.

As infectious as the chorus is, it’s reassuring to see Rauly has staked all on it, and the piano and melodies flow so well that it checks all the boxes for a relaxing pleasant acoustic tune.

Rauly’s distinctive feel catches his listeners with dynamic and diverse melodies and vocal performances as ‘Obvious’ does exactly what it says on the tin.

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